Toddler activities

Toddlers love lots of attention – I was told that even if you played with them all day it wouldn’t be enough for them!  I try and balance getting my toddler involved with the daily activities with time to explore and play with his regular toys.

Play ideas:

  • In addition to the classic favourites of ‘helping’ round the house (dusting, hoovering, emptying dishwasher, cleaning with water, sweeping etc.) we have enjoyed:
    • Making a town on the kitchen floor with paper washi tape/ masking tape and filling with cars/ animals/ trees etc
    • Dressing/changing ‘Jack’ and zipping him in an old sleep suit to take to bed
    • Making a fort/ palace under the table / with the sofa using my scarves/ wraps/ blanket
    • Wool obstacle course – weave in/ out of furniture to create over/under challenges
    • Outdoor drawing in the park – talking about what you can see and drawing together
    • Find the post-it – add numbers / letters etc and then put them in order
    • Eye spy with lots of adjectives (black car indicating right) – this is my tantrum in buggy saviour
    • ‘Recycling’ all his art – turn into cards, wrapping paper etc.
    • Making a post box from a wipe box and posting flash cards
    • Playing in his kitchen – surprising what you find migrating from the big kitchen!
    • Playing shop – use cooking scales and calculator and paper money with a few old loyalty cards – we buy a lot of bananas
    • Painting / drawing/ cutting etc. – best to set up ahead of time and have a fast clear away strategy for when the paint/pens start to get eaten.  Having a wet flannel and a tray handy works well.
    • Playdough (in one bowl mix food colouring and 2.5cups boiling water; separately in a large bowl mix 4cups plain flour, 8tbsp cream of tartar, 1 cup salt, 4 tbsp vegetable oil; add the water to the flour mixture and stir/knead until it has lost it stickiness; divide into smaller balls and wrap in cling film).
    • Making gloop  IMG_4173 IMG_4176
    • Using silly voices to get through tasks such as cooking and dressing – adding something from the dressing up box helped as well.
  • Household objects which have been great fun are: torch; retractable measuring tape; long handled duster; measuring cups; tupperware cupboard.
  • Toddler friendly baking

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